CASH Workflow

Automate Field Service Management with CASH Workflow

If you deliver on-site installation, repair, or maintenance service to your clients, you know that each job requires meticulous planning and flawless execution. Gaps in the process can waste valuable time, and mistakes at any stage can lead to costly failures and reputational damage.

CASH already helps you streamline on-site processes, collect information, and record evidence of completed work. But a unique new feature is about to make your life even easier!

Workflow is an intuitive, no-code process builder that empowers service teams to guide engineers through multi-step processes smoothly and safely, minimising human error and maximising efficiency.

With a unique drag-and-drop interface and a comprehensive catalogue of input options, you can now rapidly design and deploy sophisticated workflows to systematise remote jobs. The granular, step-by-step flow can then be executed in the field by any trained engineer, and gates can be added requiring inputs or outputs before proceeding, eliminating the possibility of missing signatures or unsent certification.

Workflow is a game-changing field service management solution. It dramatically improves the automation of on-site jobs and the collection of evidence increasingly demanded by property owners and regulatory agencies.

Workflow will be a great asset to allow our engineering workforce to be efficient and ensure live updates on progress of works from the teams onsite in real time.” John Woosey,  Chubb

Instant remote workforce management improvements for all your on-site jobs

Whatever the job, you can quickly build workflows to suit the client’s demands. Whether it’s a straightforward, linear, step-by-step guide or an expansive, detailed workflow with multiple branching pathways and data input requirements. You’re in complete control of the workflow, so you make the rules your engineers follow.

Optimise fire suppression system inspection and maintenance jobs

  • Build workflows that ensure full compliance with safety standards.
  • Insert progress gates that require photos before proceeding to guarantee visual evidence.
  • Automatically switch pathways depending on the equipment found on site.
  • Include final checklist sign-offs to validate job completion.

Automate intrusion alarm installations

  • Design workflows that standardise equipment configuration across sites.
  • Add testing gates to validate proper functioning after setup.
  • Automate site-specific customisations so engineers can’t deviate from client requirements.


With Workflow, fewer mistakes are made, jobs are completed faster, and evidence is collected at every required stage.

Your customers avoid extended downtime and improve safety and security.

Your business gains productivity and boosts its profits.

Key benefits of CASH Workflow

  • No-code interface – Anyone can build complex workflows with the simple drag-and-drop UI.
  • Error reduction – Systematisation prevents mistakes and oversights.
  • Efficiency – Guided processes cut job times and maximise productivity.
  • Compliance – Workflows ensure engineers follow safety regulations.
  • Evidence – Input gates collect photos, signatures, and checklists.
  • Adaptability – Easily tailor workflows for different job requirements.
  • Integration – Seamlessly connected to existing CASH service business management software

Empower your field service teams, automate maintenance jobs, maximise efficiency, and reduce costs with Workflow.

For a demonstration, or to find out how to add Workflow to your existing CASH package, fill the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.