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Over the last 12 months, our development team has been working hard to create an Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow CASH to seamlessly integrate with other programmes. This API will work similarly to our accounts interface, allowing users of the programme to transfer data in a two-way format and increase the efficiency of their business.

To test that the data was being passed back and forth accurately, we created an environment on the internet that would allow us to analyse and improve the API and in doing so created the Customer Portal.

What does the Customer Portal do?

Customer Portals come in all shapes and sizes and are now something highly sought after in field service management platforms. Our portal can be accessed directly from your company website, providing your customers with a dedicated area to find help and assistance as they complete tasks that would otherwise require human intervention and time. 

Users have the freedom to log their own calls in just a few clicks and download/upload documents straight from the portal. Users can also add and amend contact details on a site by site basis and access their call actions on any given site.

What does this mean for me?

We are living in a time  where ‘Self Service’ is the new customer service and customers want the freedom to help themselves wherever possible. Investing in a customer portal will benefit your business as well as your customers in numerous ways:

  • Save time – Customers will be able to take control of their incoming enquiries in seconds and receive quick and easy solutions to their problems, freeing up your staff and allowing your business to prioritise what matters most.
  • Increase efficiency –  How many minutes, hours and days do admin staff spend handling calls to log new enquiries or sending documents that have already been sent? With the portal, customers will be able to log calls, retrieve documents and look for updates more efficiently. 
  • Growth – The goal for many of our customers is to grow and become a more profitable organisation. Providing services like a customer portal can be the difference between winning and losing potential new business, with some customers requiring a portal in order to work with your business.

Not only does a customer portal increase the efficiency of your business but also helps your customers increase the efficiency of theirs. By investing in technology and customer service programmes, your business can ensure that a strong professional identity is shown to your customers, increasing your growth exponentially.

Always here to support you

Our priority is still to deliver high quality, innovative solutions, alongside a continued investment in the development of core technology that helps us to take the business and its customers  to new levels.

If you’d like to discuss this further with one of our team call us on 0844 879 1690 or email [email protected]

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