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Since 1983, Mentor has been at the forefront of business management software development and our reputation has continued to grow as we innovate our technology to better serve our customers.

To keep up with our ever-evolving software, we decided that 2022 was the perfect time to invest in our brand and bring it up to date to better reflect what we do and how we do it.

A new brand identity

Mentor’s purpose is to streamline operations for field service businesses and keep people connected. As a result, our new identity signifies technology, connectivity and communication through the inclusion of a radar icon. Our CASH software has also benefited from a refresh, with an identity that represents its ability to keep businesses connected.

Both identities utilise a bolder typeface – creating a clean, crisp and memorable brand – while linking seamlessly with our sister business SMC, to achieve consistency across our family of brands.

Refreshing our colour palette

Mentor has historically aligned itself to the colour blue – a common signifier of technological expertise. To maintain consistency with our previous brand, we have evolved our palette further to incorporate both a pale and deep blue, as well as a gradient.

Through this evolution of our palette, we can achieve a greater degree of flexibility in how we communicate visually across both printed and digital channels.

Confident in our tone of voice

A brand’s tone of voice quickly defines how it resonates in the minds of its audiences. We have high standards when it comes to how we communicate – whether that’s internally or to the wider public. 

You can always rely on us to be honest and professional while delivering important brand, industry and technological information in order to retain our position as a trusted market leader. That’s the Mentor way.

A clear mission and vision

We’ve always known our purpose and we’ve confidently delivered on our core values since our formation nearly 40 years ago.

As part of our brand discovery, we’ve spent time reaffirming our mission and vision to ensure consistency and clarity for both our team and our customers.

Our Mission:

“Innovating, managing and simplifying field service operations.”

Our Vision:

“To be the leading developer of software for field service organisations with dedicated aftercare support and a commitment to continual updates.”

Always here to support you

Our priority is still to deliver high quality, innovative solutions, alongside a continued investment in the development of core technology that helps us to take the business and its customers  to new levels. 

To explore our refreshed brand in all its glory, take a tour of our exciting new website and contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

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