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Kev Baker

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HUDDERSFIELD, 13th December 2023,

We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer service. When you have questions about the platform functionality or need help overcoming a technical problem, you want answers as fast as possible.

That’s why we’re making an important change to our phoneline system and moving away from an answer machine service. From January 2024, we’ll be activating a new phone system built through Microsoft Teams. The phone number will remain the same – 0844 879 1690 – but the new system will improve our response time and be more convenient for our customers and end users.

This switch is another example of our commitment to excellent customer service, and the first of many developments we’re working on in 2024. If you need any help with CASH or would like to find out how it can accelerate your business activities, call us or fill in your details here and we’ll get back to you:

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