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HUDDERSFIELD, 28th June 2023, Mentor’s CASH, a streamlined, problem-solving software solution which brings service and maintenance features into one place for businesses, is launching a new feature which allows engineers to complete all their paperwork on a mobile device while onsite.

CASH has a comprehensive and expanding list of service and maintenance features which make it the go-to platform for field service businesses. It incorporates sophisticated project management tools that synchronise modules so that you can plan, manage, and analyse ongoing projects across your business.

It keeps your data organised and provides full access to industry-standard reporting and certification reports – ensuring you meet contractual obligations and adhere to industry standards.

The new Serviced Items feature allows an engineer to complete the ‘serviced status’ of an item directly on a mobile device in the field. The software tells the user where the items are, what needs doing, and then generates a date-stamped certificate – recording all of the information directly into CASH.

It saves businesses time and money as information does not need to be manually recorded later, and the engineer does not have to take paperwork along or go back to the office to generate certificates. Serviced Items slots in with CASH’s seamless software, which deals with purchasing, ordering, and stock management – all in one place.

Rebecca Pickersgill, General Manager of Mentor Business Systems, said, “Our customers drive the development of our software package – we take on board their feedback and have created an ever-evolving platform which solves problems for organisations. Serviced Items and CASH are scalable and flexible to suit the customers’ needs.”

A maintenance call can be logged in Serviced Items, and the Call Schedule Equipment records are created. The call is sent to the engineer, and equipment records are displayed. However, against each ‘serviced item’ the engineer can now complete the Service, Serviced Status, Notes and what kind of test the item needed.

If the engineer doesn’t tick the serviced option, they are prevented from completing the call, so nothing is missed. When the engineer completes the call, the paperwork is populated automatically, so there is no longer any need to complete this form manually.

Once the call is complete, the Certificates and Exception reports can be generated along with a reminder for the next service due date.

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