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New module helps businesses easily design and deploy on-site job workflows that improve automation and evidence collection

HUDDERSFIELD, 2nd October 2023, MENTOR Business Systems has launched an innovative new module for CASH, its comprehensive field service management system. The new module allows rapid design and deployment of complex workflows using an intuitive visual interface that requires no coding or development expertise.

CASH Workflow features a simple drag-and-drop builder, where different actions can be linked in a step-by-step process, reducing the potential for mistakes or inefficiencies on site. Depending on the job requirement, businesses can deploy simple, linear guides or expansive workflows with multiple branching pathways. Gates can be added along the workflow requiring inputs or outputs before proceeding, eliminating the possibility of missing signatures or unsent certification.

With CASH Workflow, businesses can build granular workflows with in-built safeguarding against human error or oversight. These workflows improve efficiency and accuracy while expanding evidence-collection and compliance capabilities. It also reduces the demands on human resources by automating the job process and allowing a greater number of engineers to complete even the most complex jobs.

Rebecca Pickersgill, General Manager of Mentor Business Systems, said, “Our customers are always looking for ways to simplify their on-site processes and reduce the time and costs associated with installation and maintenance. We worked with our clients to build a powerful workflow design system that’s easy to use, quick to deploy, and adaptable to their exact requirements.”

Workflow integrates with existing CASH job processes and data, reducing the friction associated with other process platforms and streamlining all on-site and office operations. CASH users can add the module to their existing package with no downtime or complications. It’s another plug-and-play addition to the rich feature set and customisation catalogue that sets CASH apart from the competition.

CASH is smart, streamlined, and scalable to suit any business. The Workflow module augments what is already one of the leading field service management systems on the market. It incorporates sophisticated project management tools so customers can plan, schedule, synchronise, and analyse multiple projects at once. It’s a powerful data storage and organisation tool, and it helps clients meet contractual obligations and industry standards with built-in, up-to-date regulatory guidelines and certification requirements.

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